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Optimize Labor Allocations Based on People Counting


people countingClients ask us all the time about how they can use people counting to enhance their business outside of simply knowing shopper “enters” and “exits” during business hours. The great thing about integrating a people counting system into your daily operations is that you can also use the data it provides to better manage your labor resources.

Here are a few ideas that other people counting system users have implemented in the past:

  • Schedule more personnel to peak selling times
  • Objectively schedule employee breaks and time off requests
  • Move personnel between stores or assign different hours as warranted
  • Assign part-time employees most efficiently
  • Schedule merchandise deliveries, restocking and non-selling tasks during low traffic times

Hundreds of clients have taken this advice and gone on to save money by knowing more about their staffing and how they can manage it better. Whether it is at a single store or company-wide level, using traffic data to inform your staffing decisions will get your operation running like a well-oiled machine!

If you are looking for more information about this topic, click here to download the ShopperTrak eBook, “Managing Staffing Smarter” for more ideas about ways to save money by using your daily traffic data.

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