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ShopperTrak – An Innovator and Leader in People Counting


people counting“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs

Founded in 1995, ShopperTrak is the retail industry’s premier provider of business intelligence.  A culture of innovation and discovery is at the forefront of ShopperTrak’s success.

For many years, ShopperTrak has been an industry leader and pioneered several people counting technologies and services that empower businesses, and which enable them to more effectively and profitably operate. 

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Innovations and “firsts” that ShopperTrak and RCT Sytems, the company with which it would merge in 2001, established include the following:

  • Rolling out the industry's first embedded counting system called, "Orbit". Its initial installations are for Sara Lee Outlet Stores, Electronics Boutique and Famous Footwear.  (1996)
  • RCT Systems launches System Management Services with remote diagnostics and WEB reporting.  (1999)
  • RCT Systems launches the National Retail Traffic Index (NRTI), the retail industry's only national traffic standard. (1999)
  • ShopperTrak launches the National Retail Sales Estimate (NRSE), the retail industry's weekly national sales tracking product. It provides an estimate of weekly retail sales across the country, offering retailers, investors and policy makers the most accurate and timely information on consumer trends. (2002)
  • ShopperTrak releases Orbit 3, combining embedded counting technology with remote diagnostics and System Management Services including the ability to validate counting through remotely scheduled recordings. (2002)
  • ShopperTrak launches ShopperTrak Professional Services, the company's consulting arm that develops and implements strategies that help retail outlets, shopping malls and casinos make business decisions based on key traffic data.  (2003)
  • ShopperTrak and Nielsen Media Research present a traffic-based media measurement methodology for the shopping mall as a measured mass advertising medium, at the Worldwide Audience Measurement Conference. (2004)
  • ShopperTrak introduces the Retail Traffic Analyzer (RTA), a web-based reporting that provides clients with real time traffic, labor and sales data.  (2005)
  • ShopperTrak launches the Retail Traffic Index (SRTI), providing clients with a reliable benchmark for shopper traffic in total retail, enclosed malls and key retail segments at national and regional levels. (2005)
  • ShopperTrak introduces the Easy Staffing Planner (ESP), a web-based labor-planning tool that uses current and projected traffic to make specific staffing recommendations by hour and day, enabling retailers to staff labor for maximum conversion results. (2006)
  • ShopperTrak releases its new Orbit 5 technology, utilizing two on-board video sensors with high speed processing components to unobtrusively track customers’ movements.  (2006)
  • ShopperTrak introduces the Market Mall Estimate (MME), the first product of its kind to offer competitive benchmarking for the retail industry by quantitatively evaluating consumer behavior right down to the a specific market, mall or store segment.  (2008)




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