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Customer Tracking and "Shopping Bags" - Innovations in Shopping


customer tracking | people counterSupermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores use ShopperTrak customer tracking and foot traffic analytics to improve store performance and uncover new customer insights.

This is just one way in which ShopperTrak is pioneering business intelligence.

In the first of a series of blog posts that focus on innovation and invention in shopping history, today ShopperTrak looks at the shopping bag, a development in the annals of shopping that was a winner – for the consumer and the store.

Through its customer tracking and other technologies, ShopperTrak also delivers a winner for the consumer and the store.

Below is a brief backgrounder – which can be found at this page at the Modern Arts Packaging website – on the first shopping bags: 


Walter H. Deubner ran a small grocery store in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was looking for a way to give his business a boost.

By careful observation, he noticed that his customer’s purchases were limited by what they could conveniently carry. So he set about devising a way to help them buy more purchases at one time. It took him four years to develop the right solution: a prefabricated package, inexpensive, easy to use and strong enough to carry up to seventy-five pounds worth of groceries.

The package consisted of a paper bag with cord running through it for strength. Deubner named his new product after himself, calling it the “Deubner Shopping Bag”, and sold it for five cents. Deubner patented his product and within three years, by 1915, was selling over a million shopping bags a year.


Shopping bags enabled shoppers to make more purchases at one time.  This of course is a technology that is good for the shopper and the store.

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