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People Counting, College Basketball, Faneuil Hall, and Shopping Pioneer James Rouse


In this post, ShopperTrak makes the connection

So this weekend we are down to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. There are four regional finals each with four teams competing.

As we noted in a previous blog post, the four regional locations are going to receive big time economic benefits from the tournament. There is a lot of money being spent, a lot of shoppers, and a lot of shopping traffic going on right now in the four cities hosting the regionals: Boston (East Regional); Atlanta (South Regional); St. Louis (Midwest Regional); and Phoenix (West Regional).

In Boston, maybe a little more than a half mile from the TD Garden where the games are being played is Faneuil Hall (also called Quincy Market), an internationally famous festival marketplace. Thousands of college hoops fans will no doubt be all over Faneuil Hall this weekend.

Faneuil Hall is a hotbed of food stalls, food courts, retail stores, and restaurants, and bars. Every year more than 18 million people from all over the world visit Faneuil Hall.

As people move and walk through Faneuil Hall, their foot traffic and other tendencies provide rich amount of valuable business intelligence for retail business owners.

ShopperTrak and its “people counting” technology and other products enable retail business owners and managers to capture and analyze this data and intelligence (while preserving individual anonymity) that they can use to identify and act on sales opportunities and enhance their profits.

ShopperTrak’s “people counting” technology is innovation that empowers business owners, and changes the way they operate and staff their enterprises.

On the subject of a shopping and innovation – and tied to Faneuil Hall – we do a call out here to James Rouse, a true visionary, a giant pioneer in the development of shopping malls and shopping centers and urban renewal, and a great philanthropist.

In the early 1970s, James Rouse played a lead role in the renovation and rehabilitation of Faneuil Hall, transforming it into the marvel that it is today. Prior to this fix up and rehab, the area and buildings, which dated back to the 1700s, and which had once hosted healthy food markets, had fallen into disrepair.

There were many cynics and doubters when the team of Boston mayor Kevin White, a group of Boston business and civic leaders, architect Benjamin Thompson – and James Rouse took on the epic project of reclaiming and resurrecting Faneuil Hall.

More than 40 years later, Faneuil Hall is an example of how urban renewal and historic preservation should be done.

To learn more about James Rouse, please go here: James Rouse

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