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People Counter Technology is Changing Shopping


people counterPeople counter technology is changing shopping, empowering and providing retailers with the data and analysis to detect sales and profit opportunities.

In our blog, ShopperTrak will, from time-to-time, identify sources, companies, and groups that do what we do – that is help retailers and other businesses perform more effectively and capitalize on sales and marketing opportunities.

Retailers around the globe – including some of the world’s most recognized and successful companies and brands – rely on ShopperTrak and its people counter technology, its foot traffic analysis, and its other products and analytics to improve, grow, and better service customers.

Retail Traffic Magazine is a online and hard copy source that empowers retailers in their real estate decisions and strategic planning. Retail Traffic Magazine is also in the business of helping retailers improve, grow, and better service customers. It does this in its role as the “leading authority on real estate trends,” delivering highly valued business intelligence and information through its monthly online and hardcopy magazine, weekly e-newsletter, a blog updated daily and other supplements.

ShopperTrak is gratified that Retail Traffic Magazine quotes our management and cites our data in its stories and reporting.

To learn more about ShopperTrak and its people counter technology, please go here to download a free eBook called, “40 Ways to Turn Foot Traffic Into Business Results”.


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