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Retail Store Traffic and the Digital Divide


store traffic | people counterWith mounting pressure on retail margins and further convergence of online and offline shopping, smart retailers have begun to understand the need to coordinate their virtual and physical market places.

The race to become digital is at the top of most retailer’s minds and e-commerce is often quoted as the top priority for spend amongst retailers. This is especially true in places where internet penetration is extremely high and consumers are found to conduct research online before heading into the store. It is becoming clear that leveraging online and offline customer experiences will define further success.

That being said, how many brands actually understand the need of bridging the information gap between online and actual store traffic?  If a retailer can be sure of online traffic and conversion, would it not make sense to evaluate how much of that traffic extrapolates into the actual store traffic? With store traffic counting solutions, like ShopperTrak can provide, retailers can have a deep knowledge of what happens within their store walls, just like they do on their websites. The focus on digital provides a greater opportunity than just generating online sales, and it has great potential to derive incremental revenue in-store. Drive traffic.


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