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Using People Counter Technology to Capitalize On Power Hours


people counter, power hours, people countingOptimize Staffing and Be Best Positioned to Sell

What are ShopperTrak Power Hours™? 

ShopperTrak Power Hours™ are the selling times in your stores that generate the heaviest amount of foot traffic and sales opportunities. 

Retailers that have and properly use the right people counter technology and foot traffic analytics tools are positioned to capitalize and take advantage of these times. Yet those retailers who do not employ this technology and these tools will not only squander sales during key opportunities throughout the day – but they could also lose sales and customers for the future.

For sure, we’ve all been there. You are shopping at a store that offers your favorite products and brands, and yet your shopping experience is not a happy one. Your experience is not a happy one because you need sales help or a question answered, and yet there are so many other shoppers that it is difficult to even get the partial attention of a store employee. 

And those lines to the register are so long – and getting to checkout takes so much time. 

You will remember the experience – especially if you are on a tight schedule.

Had the retailer used people counter technology and foot traffic analysis to understand the key hours of opportunity for that store, and staffed the store accordingly, your shopping experience would be much more pleasant. 

The experience would strengthen your attachment and loyalty to that store.    

These key times vary throughout the year, and from store to store.  Your ShopperTrakPower Hours™ for a store in early June may not be the same for that store in mid-December. If you have more than one retailing location, these hours may vary from one store to another.   

You need the right people counter technology and tools to make ShopperTrak Power Hours™ a period of powerful sales. 

Click here to download a free ebook, Power Hours: Here Come the Customers – Staffing to Maximize Revenue Potential, by Whitney Fershee, ShopperTrak’s Client Operations Strategist.


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