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Integrating People Counter Technology Into Your Retail Operations


people counterThe World’s Top Retail Companies Use ShopperTrak Mobile Technology and Analysis Tools to Win in the Marketplace

Paradigm shifts and sea changes in technology happen a lot more frequently and a lot faster today than in any time yet in history. Changes and shifts are only going to get more frequent and faster. 

Ongoing now in retail is the updating and transitioning of technology platforms, programs, and applications so that employees and customers of companies can use them while away from their work desks, offices, and home computers. 

Today, so much of business, so much buying and selling, so much shopping, is done on a mobile phone or tablet computer while on the move and in transit, that companies that hope to win and be market beaters need to have smart and useful mobile technology tools.

ShopperTrak and its mobile people counter technology empower retail sales associates and other employees – no matter where they are located. 

When a store manager can immediately access next-day sales and traffic information while on the sales floor, or a regional or district manager while on the road can instantly view individual store performances, they are able to more effectively and productively plan, strategize, and make decisions.

Click here to download the free ShopperTrak Mobile application from iTunes; this application will deliver to your mobile device a weekly update of year-over-year traffic growth for a major US market.

Customers who subscribe to ShopperTrak’s Retail Traffic Analyzer reporting tool will have mobile access to their own traffic and sales data. Non-customers will be able to evaluate the user experience through our fully functional sample report set.


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