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Effective Use of People Counting for Maximizing ROI


people countingIt’s a Team Effort – Requiring Technology and People

Effective use of people counting and foot traffic technology involves a lot more than, well, technology.  

It requires a synergy of committed sales associates and managers working with the technology, knowing how to use it, and understanding how to interpret the data and business intelligence that the technology collects. 

More importantly – to gain optimum value and best ROI on your investment in people counting and foot traffic tools, you must have a staff that is “bought in” to its use and implementation.   

Your employees need to appreciate that people counting and foot traffic devices don’t render results by themselves. The technology needs to be part of tech-human system – in which the two components that make up the system are co-equal in importance. 

Of course, any successful manager or business leader can tell you that your company can spend enormous amounts of money on technology, and it isn’t going to do your enterprise much good unless your employees recognize its value – and then use it properly. 

Some people in your organization may be resistant early on to playing “team” with the ShopperTrak technology.  Indeed, they might feel it devalues them – or it replaces some of the tasks they presently provide. 

What needs to be shown is that this notion is not accurate – and that the system offers new opportunities for everyone.  

And teamwork is necessary for the success of the system. 

Enlisting one of your managers in building this teamwork is helpful. The manager can teach the staff the benefits that the people counting and foot traffic system can deliver throughout the company, and describe how each member of the staff – each member of the team – is essential to making the system work. 

Achieving “buy in” – and building a team that supports and works cooperatively and efficiently with ShopperTrak technology – is one of the primary topics discussed in the eBook, Getting Buy-In:  How a Field Communication Strategy Builds Traffic Management ROI, by Jason Steuber, Client Manager at ShopperTrak. 


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