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Power to the People Counter!


people counterWhen exploring some of the most common issues in today’s people counter data, it may surprise many people to know that some of the simplest things in the retail environment that can have negative impacts to data quality.

One of the most common conditions in retail that cause traffic to read with inaccuracy or no data at all is the lack of 24-hour power to the counting devices.  Back rooms can get very messy with wires and cables all over the place, and sometimes it is very easy to unplug a device on accident. Although it seems minor, this is very common and it’s a call we receive almost every day. The lack of power to a people counting device cause inconsistency in the data, and makes it hard for retailers to reap the benefits of the technology.

Power outages, disconnection of equipment, tangled cables causing wear and tear on cables, and the list goes on. It’s a common beast that’s affecting the way things operate. Taking for example no gas in your car would limit travel from point A to point B, a powerless orbit cannot transmit the valuable information to keep the daily tally of foot traffic.

Like any type of traffic monitoring either foot traffic to automobiles, power is king. Without it, well you have gaps in the information you are trying to relay. So keep your device powered and make every shopper count!

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