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Implement a People Counting System to Get the Greatest ROI


know more grow more coverTodd Starcevich is ShopperTrak’s EMEA Chief Executive Officer.  In this role – as you can find in his bio – Todd also “oversees day-to-day management of product installation, support services, data analysis, and product assembly.”

Todd also writes and delivers highly valuable and useful business strategy, including the eBook, Know More. Grow More. Which Retail Growth Strategy Generates the Greatest Returns?

The eBook focuses on cost-effective operations and techniques that go beyond – and maybe even around – some of the more traditional growth road maps.

These strategies are based on and optimize resources that retailers already have in place – those in which they have already invested.

In Know More. Grow More, Todd writes, “Increasing conversion rates within existing stores is often the most overlooked – and most cost effective – strategy for generating growth and capturing incremental sales.”

In his ebook, Todd explains and charts out in a diagram how if a store that has 275 visitors a day, of which 55 are buyers, each making an average purchase of $75, does nothing else but convert five of the 220 non-buyers a day to buyers (each making that $75 purchase), its sales would grow $150,000 a year.

So how do you increase conversion rates?   

Among the most efficient ways to increase conversion rates is to employ people counting and foot traffic technology – and to integrate these tools into a system in which retail staff understands the value of the system and their role within it, and how best to use the technology to win in the marketplace.

To learn more about how a people counting and foot traffic technology system can be the foundation of an optimum ROI growth game plan, click here to download a free copy of Todd Starcevich’s eBook, Know More Grow More. Which Retail Growth Strategy Generates the Greatest Returns?


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