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Using People Counting & Foot Traffic Data to Win in the Retail World


people counting, foot traffic, foot traffic dataWinning sports coaches and winning retail managers share an ability to strategically and smartly analyze valuable data and then make adjustments to best position a team for victory.

In sports, and in business, there is continuous change. 

In sports, that change is largely as a result of a change in opponents.

In the retail business, that change is manifest in the hour of the day, day of the week, time of the year, the economy, weather, and more.

Smart sports coaches look at data and numbers, and they use that intelligence to change formations, method of play, and assignment of personnel to come out on top.

The same is true in the smart managing of a retail store. A talented manager looks at the data then staffs and makes other operations changes accordingly in order to sell more and increase profits.  

In the retail world, some of the most valuable business intelligence you can have to improve, win, and be a leader is foot traffic and people counting data.

ShopperTrak provides the technology and instruction to record the most accurate people counting and foot traffic numbers – and the support and guidance to analyze and act on what is learned from those numbers to enhance store performance.

Ed Marcheselli, CMO for ShopperTrak, has developed and engineered and directed a world-class marketing program for the company. 

Ed is also a go-to strategist advising on how companies can win through the use of people counting and foot traffic data and other business intelligence. 

Click here to download a free copy of Ed’s eBook, How Retail Executives Connect Traffic to Cash Flow: 40 Ways to Turn Foot Traffic into Business Results.


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