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WSJ: Can Texting Save Stores?


showrooming, texting, retail, storesLast Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal article titled, “Can Texting Save Stores?” caught our attention. This article follows a recent WSJ piece on “showrooming”, a phrase made up to explain the act of consumers reviewing merchandise in brick-and-mortar stores but then making the actual purchase online or via their mobile phones.

Our conversations with ShopperTrak partners and retail clients show that there is a big opportunity to link brick and mortar foot traffic with mobile marketing, including text messages, mobile search terms, and mobile display ads. Mobile marketing is growing rapidly but is still in its infancy. Many retailers already are counting people in their stores. The next step is to take the already existing people counts and link to mobile marketing spend to identify the mobile approach that works best by store and metro market. The bottom line was stated by an executive quoted in the WSJ article: “If you don’t try, you don’t know.”

Click here to read the Wall Street Journal article, "Can Texting Save Stores? 'Geofencing' Lets Retailers Offer Deals to Nearby Customers, Fight Price-Shopping"


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