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The ShopperTrak People Counting Device & Managed Service


people counting, foot traffic
Just one part of our Managed Service – but a very important part, and the best technology in the industry

It is why ShopperTrak clients typically receive 97 to 98% accuracy in their people counting and foot traffic data

ShopperTrak emphasizes that it provides far more than people counting and foot traffic technology. What it delivers to and supports for retailers and businesses around the world – including some of the most successful companies, many of which hold among the most recognized and respected brands – is a complete traffic management system.

Yet, for sure, fundamental to the success of the system is the ShopperTrak people counting and foot traffic device. Our technology is the most advanced and effective in the industry.

More than 45,000 ShopperTrak managed devices are in use globally. 

ShopperTrak uses a digital sensor that is mounted overhead of the floor of the store.  It employs a stereo technology which is different from that used in other people counting and foot traffic data capture – including that used in monocular mechanisms. 

In using stereo technology, ShopperTrak is able to triangulate down, and to pick up and analyze height differential. This is important because it eliminates the recording of anything under four feet – such as strollers, small children, animals, and shopping carts.

The ShopperTrak system is designed – unlike monocular devices which are also used for security and other purposes – specifically, exclusively, to count people.

On a flat plane surface, monocular readings and recordings are distorted by sunlight and shadows and flashes of light. This doesn’t happen with ShopperTrak stereophonic data pickup.

Monocular and beam devices don’t distinguish between people standing just inside the front door of the store who may  not be active shoppers, but rather, for example, could be waiting for a friend or a spouse. Monocular devices, however, may count these people several times.

This isn’t the cases with the ShopperTrak device. It won’t count the, if you will, loitering type near the entrance of the store.

ShopperTrak devices do not record personal characteristics – no video or photo captures.

Click here to learn more about the ShopperTrak technology and device, a primary reason we guarantee our clients data that is 95 percent accurate – and why typically our clients receive data that is 97 to 98 percent accurate.


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