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The ShopperTrak People Counter – the Best on Earth


people counter, people counters, foot trafficHere We Share With You Some Of The Numbers And Stats Of Our Success

Companies all over the world, across many different business sectors, use ShopperTrak people counter devices – all integrated in the ShopperTrak traffic management system – to optimize sales opportunities and grow their businesses.

ShopperTrak emphasizes the premium and optimum value that it provides its clients is broad based and a synthesis of technology, strategic guidance, and analytic tools. 

We are a leader in business intelligence – and in working with our clients so that they receive the biggest benefit from our technology and our other services. 

As ShopperTrak grows internationally, and as more companies and organizations benefit from our people counter and foot traffic technology, and our total suite of services, we wanted to cite some ShopperTrak numbers and stats:

  • More than 45,000 stores use ShopperTrak people counter devices
  • ShopperTrak holds more than 15 patents in people counter technology
  • ShopperTrak technology counts billions of transactions and shoppers annually
  • ShopperTrak people counter and foot traffic technology is in use in more than 75 countries
  • More than 400 of the world’s most successful companies, many of which hold among the most recognized brands on earth, are ShopperTrak clients

ShopperTrak is the gold standard in people counter and foot traffic intelligence.

We are growing and are the cusp of even more exciting developments that will provide our clients with even more value and competitive advantage.

Stay tuned. 

Click here to learn more about all of the value you can extract from implementing ShopperTrak people counter devices into your business.


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