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Get a Leg Up on Showrooming


showrooming, people counter, people countingShopperTrak and our people counter technology can help retailers increase the percentage of people who shop in their stores to buy in their stores

On Wednesday, May 23, here at the ShopperTrak blog, we had a post that referred to a May 8 Wall Street Journal story "Can Texting Save Stores" that focused on how a technology for smart phones, called “geofencing,” can bring in customers and increase sales.

Through geofencing, a retailer can send to customers who have signed up for the service and okayed the retailer to contact them on their smart phones, information on promotions or special sales when these customers travel near the store. 

As explained in the blog post, the WSJ story followed a recent piece that the newspaper did on “showrooming” – a practice in which a consumer goes into a brick and mortar store and checks out a product and a price, and then goes online on either a computer or smart phone and finds a better price for that product and makes the purchase. 

People counter data are among the most valuable types of business intelligence that retailers can have in their efforts to evaluate showrooming – and to counteract the practice and entice and give consumers a reason to buy in their stores. 

Through people counter data and analysis, retailers can study movement throughout their stores and determine how many people are in certain area of the store, and for how long.   Then, a retailer can compare sales of a product against foot traffic in the area where that product is located in the store. 

Evidence of showrooming can be detected easily.

More importantly, there are sales and marketing strategies that retailers can develop using people counter intelligence to convert shoppers in their stores to buyers in their stores.

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