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In an Economy of Ups & Downs – A People Counter is What You Need to Convert Shoppers into Buyers


people counterOne can argue the merits, the weaknesses, the strengths, of various economic theories and policies.  It is certain though that, across different presidential administrations, and throughout our nation’s history, we have had good economic and bad economic times.

During economic periods that our bad, or when they are fluctuating up and down rapidly, the importance of converting shoppers into buyers, and increasing the sales per customer, are even more important than when things are rosy in the economy. 

ShopperTrak people counter technology – and the ShopperTrak's people counter and foot traffic system – provides retailers with the business intelligence and the strategies to be able to encourage people not only to purchase in your store, but to purchase more and become a more reliable and loyal customer.

Click here to download a free ebook that describes how ShopperTrak's people counter and foot traffic technology, and the system into which this technology is built, are helping retailers increase sales.


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