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People Counting Data is Fundamental To Converting Shoppers To Buyers


people counting, foot traffic analysis, people counterShopperTrak Managed Service Helps Retailers Increase the Percentages of Shoppers in Their Stores Who do not Leave “Empty Handed”

In the March/April 2012 issue of the magazine, Shoe Retailing Today, an article by ShopperTrak co-founder and executive vice president, Bill Martin, was published.  The article is titled (and here is a link to the piece), “Leaving Empty Handed: Don't Let It Happen To You.”

In this excerpt from the story, Bill describes a specific challenge for brick and mortar shoe retailers – and this description also presents a fundamental challenge for in-building retail operations across all sectors:

Of course, today’s shoe buyers rarely stroll from store to store, browsing products and contemplating purchases. Consumers — educated by websites, blogs and online reviews — have pre-screened products. They will make fewer shopping trips and often know what they want before walking through the door. They may even know more about a particular shoe than the salesman.

Consumers have more and more options to purchase – with the burgeoning world of online stores presenting the biggest challenges for stores in stand-alone-buildings and in malls and shopping centers.

In his article, Bill Martin noted that, “Today’s consumer wants convenience and is likely to consolidate several shopping trips into a single outing. This year, for example, shoppers visited an average of 3.10 stores per shopping trip. That’s down from four to five stores visited in the pre-recession months of 2008.”

Fundamental to upping the chances of a shopper making a purchase in your store – and not somewhere else – is the use of people counting data and foot traffic analysis to advise how you do business.

In “Leaving Empty Handed: Don’t Let It Happen To You,” Bill Martin presents and outlines ways that people counting data and foot traffic analysis can be effectively employed and harnessed to convert shoppers in your store to buyers in your store. 

Of course, to this end, having the best people counting data and foot traffic analysis is critical.

ShopperTrak is the world leader in delivering both these forms of business intelligence.


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