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People Counting Data & The Bar Code


people counting, shoppertrak, barcode“Data Reading and Collection” Technology that Changed Shopping History

Shoppertrak is the global leader in people counter and foot traffic technology, and store performance analysis.

ShopperTrak has more than 45,000 managed people counting and foot traffic devices in use around the world. These devices count billions of shopper visits annually. More than 400 of the world’s biggest companies, a majority of which own the world’s most recognized and respected brands, use ShopperTrak technology and systems. 

ShopperTrak is at the forefront of shopping innovation, invention, and empowering retailers – and enabling retailers to better respond to and meet the needs of their customers . 

We are shopping and retail pioneers.

Occasionally in this space we do a call out to other shopping pioneers – the inventors and their inventions, the creators and their creations, the innovators and their innovations that improve shopping for buyers and for sellers. 

Today we recognize  two men who developed technologies – technologies, by the way, that have a kinship with people counting and foot traffic analysis – that resulted in a sea change in shopping and in the wide universe of retailing.  

It was in 1948, the owner of a local chain of food stores inquired at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia about the institute perhaps taking on a project to research a way to automatically read product information at the cash register – to speed up the checkout process.

Bernard Silver, a graduate student at Drexel, heard about the request, and he shared the information with a fellow grad student at Drexel, Norman Joseph Woodland. 

The two men were intrigued and inspired – and they got to work.  

What they invented were the bar code and the bar code scanner. 

What they created, actually, was more than technology – it was a technology system. 

For sure, this system changed everything. 

And, in a way, just like the ShopperTrak people counting data and foot traffic system, their system was about data reading and collection and making the shopping experience better and more productive for both buyer and seller. 

Click here to read a short history of the bar code and bar code scanner. 

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