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Technology is Fundamental to the Accuracy of Our People Counting Data


people counting, foot traffic, people counterShopperTrak — the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis — emphasizes that our technology is just one component — albeit an essential and fundamental component — to the value we provide our customers.  

The broader value we deliver to our clients is a system that brings together technology (which includes a broad suite of standard and customized applications), analytic tools, customer service, and the guidance and management advice of a winning team with a long and deep track record of high level success.  

Still, we like to tout and cite our technology, for it is the best in our industry.   Our  Orbit  5 stereo camera, for example,  is the technology foundation on which ShopperTrak provides its clients business intelligence that is 97 to 98 percent accurate — also a best-in-industry” standard.

And when we receive “technology industry” plaudits we are inclined to mention them.

ShopperTrak did put on a release in the spring-- to which we are following up here — that  focused on our company being named a 2012 CityLIGHTS Lighthouse Awards finalist.

As described in the release, the awards which are conferred annually by the Illinois Technology Association  (ITA), celebrate “the growth and vitality of the local technology community by recognizing Chicago-based companies and individuals.”

Chicago is a hotbed of technology development, across many sectors, with a particularly strong development and invention nexus created through the partnership of its businesses and higher education institutions.  

There were a record high number of nominations for this year’s CityLIGHTS Awards

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