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ShopperTrak Delivers a Complete & Managed People Counting System


people counting, foot traffic, people counterWe Provide All the Technology, the Installation, the Data Collection, the Customized Reports, the Customized Service, the Support, the Guidance … and Much, Much More

When purchasing business products and services, one of the most common concerns that organizations and people making the purchase have is something tied to and aligned with the following sentiment:  
“Sure, this all sounds good, and the demonstration is great — and the references give the product and service glowing reviews and testimonials — but how is the product/service going to work for me?  How easy will it be to use?  How much support will I receive?  How much individualized support will I receive?  And, when actually in practice, how customized and specialized will the product/service be so that it best benefits my company?”  
ShopperTrak fully understands all of this.
We deliver full service and support.
We do it all — and we are with you all the time.
As explained here at the “About Us” page on our site — “ShopperTrak manages the complexities of delivering daily and real-time traffic data.  We install and configure the hardware, remotely collect traffic and POS data, and format web-based reports for your daily review.”
And this describes just some of the ShopperTrak service, support, and guidance.
We also make sure that we are providing customized solutions and strategic direction for your business that enables you to best benefit from the people counting and foot traffic numbers you receive.
We have a vibrant ShopperTrak Developers Zone, which is a web portal
in which retailers can develop — and work with us as needed — to create custom applications to improve sales and marketing, and to make more effective store operations.   
Click here to learn more about ShopperTrak solutions and our comprehensive managed service.


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