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ShopperTrak's Traffic Report — The People Counting “Hard Numbers”


people counting, traffic reportWhat exactly is a ShopperTrak Traffic Report?  

Well, the ShopperTrak Traffic Report is really the umbrella title for a collection of valuable data and customized reports.   This data and reporting are the people counting and foot traffic “hard numbers” of the ShopperTrak business.  

The ShopperTrak Report is comprised of the following five primary pieces of business intelligence:

1. Statistical estimation of the total number of shoppers in a defined area.

When we say defined — we work with you to define the area in which people will be counted and traffic assessed.  There is no area to small or too large for ShopperTrak to analyze and count and on which it will return data that averages 98 percent accurate.

2. Estimated daily and delivered weekly.

This data is current and fresh and relevant.   And our full reporting is delivered on time all the time.  

3. Data that is ShopperTrak proprietary data.  

We only provide your business data that our industry leading ShopperTrak technology records.

4. Point of comparison.

ShopperTrak delivers a variety of different data reports.  These reports can include comparisons within your store and company to past years, quarters, weeks — or times of the year.   We produce people counting and foot traffic reports that show how you are doing against companies in your industry, in your geographic area, in your industry in the same geographic area in which you operate, in your industry during the weekend … etc.   There is almost no end to the types of reports we can produce.   We work closely with our clients to identify the reports that are most valuable for them — and then we deliver those reports.

5. Context.

As we say at ShopperTrak, “data without context can be misleading.”   In our reporting we take a look at the data, and we take a look at that data in the broad view, meaning that we help our client makes sense of the data in the bigger picture.  We put things in perspective.   

And that perspective includes, but is not limited to, viewing and analyzing the present and projected state of the economy on the local, regional, national, and international level; other companies’ performance in our client’s sector; the economic condition and outlook of the sector in which our client operates; and the past performance of our client and its own forecasting for its business.   

Click here to learn more about the ShopperTrak Traffic Report! 


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