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Is My Marketing Campaign Working? People Counting Can Answer That!


people counting, foot traffic, marketingShopperTrak Business Analytics takes people counting and foot traffic data and uses it to help retailers make smart marketing decisions

It is the all important term of “Return On Investment” — often referred to by its short form: ROI.  

Are your marketing efforts giving you a good and solid ROI? 

Knowing what works in marketing and what is a good investment in marketing dollars is fundamental to business success — across industries and businesses of all sizes.  

You may ask — "What are my marketing dollars doing for us?" "Are they being spent wisely?" "Should I continue to spend money on the same type of program, and on the same marketing tactics and strategy?" "What is the best way to spend my marketing dollars?"

ShopperTrak helps you answer those questions correctly. 

ShopperTrak people counting technology and foot traffic analysis deliver business intelligence and raw data which ShopperTrak takes and puts in perspective for our clients — and which  is a focal point of guidance and support we provide our clients that helps them make the smart marketing decisions.    

ShopperTrak Business Analytics is a product that allows retailers to  optimize the money and time they invest in various marketing initiatives and campaigns.  

Click here to learn more about ShopperTrak Business Analytics.


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