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ShopperTrak is Reporting on a Trend of Increased Sales


back to school, sales, traffic, shoppertrakBack-To-School Shopping Will Support a Continued Growth in Sales – ShopperTrak Projects 

ShopperTrak – the World Leader in People Counting Technology and Foot Traffic Analysis – has a Track Record of One of the Most Reliable and Accurate Forecasters of Sales Numbers

ShopperTrak reported in a release it issued on July 11 that it has been analyzing and pouring over people counting and foot traffic data – and it has seen a positive trend in sales that started on Presidents Day.

ShopperTrak weekly issues its National Retail Sales Estimate™ (NRSE).

And ShopperTrak projects that back-to-school spending will increase for the first time in five years.

ShopperTrak has established itself as a reliable and accurate forecaster of sales numbers and shopping trends.  Indeed its track record of sales projecting ranks with the most accurate that is produced anywhere, from any source. 

What are the sources from which ShopperTrak pulls its data – and what data is used in its sales forecasting?   Here is an excerpt from the July 11 release cited above:

ShopperTrak measures retail foot traffic in more than 45,000 locations across 74 countries. The company then analyzes the data in a proprietary econometric model to create its National Retail Sales Estimate™ (NRSE) of general merchandise, apparel and accessories, furniture and other sales (GAFO). Its estimate precedes the federal government’s official reports by several weeks. Since January 2005, it has been accurate within 3 percent. Forecasted numbers may improve or decline with unanticipated changes in the nation’s unemployment rate, consumer sentiment or gasoline prices.

Click here to read the entire July 11 ShopperTrak release.

Click here to learn more about how ShopperTrak creates its sales projection reports.


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