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ShopperTrak Protects the Privacy of our People Counting Customers & Their Shoppers


people counting, foot traffic, people counterShopperTrak places a premium on privacy.

We are fervently protective of the privacy of our customers.  We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of those who visit our website and request information from us.  

When a company works with ShopperTrak, it is fully confident that its relationship with us is held in the highest confidence.  

When people visit our website and request information — any contact information supplied in order for us to deliver that info is protected and not shared.  

ShopperTrak also values the privacy of shoppers.  

Our people counting and foot traffic digital sensor — which employs stereophonic technology — is the most accurate device in the industry.

Data it returns to retailers is 97 to 98 percent accurate.    

More than 45,000 of these devices are in use globally.  

Other than height differential, the device does not record any personal information or characteristics about any person counted.   

And even the height distinction is only made on one criteria: four feet and higher, or under four feet.  This is important because it will not count as a shopper a small child, a stroller, or a pet. It contributes to the value of the data.  

ShopperTrak technology is not a video recording or photo capture device.

Click here to learn more about what makes ShopperTrak technology the best in the industry.  


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