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People Counting Around the 2012 Olympics in London


people counting, london, olympics, 2012 OlympicsLast Year ShopperTrak — the World Leader in People Counting Technology and Foot Traffic Analysis — Established an Office in London that is the Headquarters for Its European and Middle East Operations

ShopperTrak Founded Its London Office Not Long In Front of The London Olympics — Which Just Might be the Most Retail Foot Traffic-Heavy Olympics to Date

Last fall, ShopperTrak established an office in London when it acquired RCT Analytics Ltd, a United Kingdom (UK) company that distributed ShopperTrak technology throughout Europe.

The London-based ShopperTrak office is the headquarters for the company’s growing European and Middle East operations.

ShopperTrak founded this office not long in front of the London 2012 Olympics, also called the 2012 Summer Olympics and the XXX Olympiad.

The 2012 London Paralympic Games run from August 29 through September 9.

Approximately 10,500 athletes from 205 countries have come to London to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

As reported in this Associated Press/Yahoo News story on visitors to London for the 2012 Games, the Olympics will bring in during August close to a 900,000 tourists (587,000 from elsewhere in the UK, and 294,000 from abroad) on top of the typical number of 1.5 million who visit London during this month every year.

London is one of the most international of all cities. Along with New York City and Tokyo, it comprises the “triumvirate” of financial money management and investment on earth.

Every day the world meets in London.

ShopperTrak people counting technology is in more than 45,000 location across 74 countries, including in London, in many places in the UK outside of London, and throughout Europe.

It would seem that during the 17-day stretch of the 2012 Olympics, the ShopperTrak devices in London will be recording at an unprecedented clip.

In fact, according to this story, "Going to the Olympics?  First Event Is Mall Walking," in the New York Times, the London 2012 Games may, in many ways, be the most retail heavy Olympics to date.

Located at the entrance to Olympic Park is Westfield Stratford City, a giant of a mall — one of the largest in Europe — with about 300 stores, 70 restaurants, a 17 screen theater, and and two hotels.

Are ShopperTrak devices in use at Westfield Stratford City?  Of course — as they are at all the major shopping centers in Europe.

ShopperTrak is growing and expanding its European presence.

Click here to read a press report about ShopperTrak’s growth in Europe.


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