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People Counting is Growing Fast in Europe & the Middle East


people counting, olympics, people counterIn this ShopperTrak blog post from July 30, discussed was the London 2012 Olympics and how this Olympiad just might be the most retail foot traffic heavy Olympics to date.

Also discussed was that this past fall ShopperTrak set up an office in London out of which it will support its growing presence in stores and malls in Europe and the Middle East.

In February, ShopperTrak named its chief operating officer, Todd Starcevich, as CEO for Europe and the Middle East. 

In a summer 2012 Retail Systems story, writer Karen Moss interviewed Todd.

Among the insights, thoughts, and observations that Todd provided in the interview are the following:

“Many customer counting systems being used by retailers in Europe today simply lack the accuracy they need to deliver the business insights that retailers expect. The fact is that monitoring the footfall of each store separately is not enough. You need to be able to measure footfall across the entire store estate. Only that way can a retailer truly measure store performance locally, regionally or nationally."

“If a retailer has two stores in similar locations, serving a similar customer demographic but those two stores have very different conversion rates, they need to know that. Being presented with that information allows them to go and find out what those two stores are doing differently and make changes as necessary.”

ShopperTrak will continue to establish itself throughout Europe and the Middle East as the standard and most up-to-date and accurate and relied on people counting technology and foot traffic analysis system for winning retailers.

Click here to learn more about the advantages that the ShopperTrak system offers over the systems it is rapidly replacing in Europe and the Middle East.


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