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People Counting — Not Just About Retail And Malls


finance, people counting, people counter, energy management, ShopperTrak People Counting Technology and Foot Traffic Analysis Also Deliver Premium and High Level Value to the Finance and Energy Management Industries

For sure, ShopperTrak is widely known for the support and value its people counting and foot traffic analysis provides retailers and mall owners and mall management companies.

More than 400 of the world’s best known retailers and most  trusted  brands rely on ShopperTrak.  And no matter where you are on earth, if you are in a busy mall there is a very good chance that ShopperTrak technology is in that mall as well.

The August 7th ShopperTrak blog post focused on ShopperTrak and mall shopping statistics and ShopperTrak presence in malls around the world.

But, beyond the retail stores and the shopping malls, ShopperTrak has a long established, rapidly growing, and strong track record of success serving the financial and energy management industries.

ShopperTrak people counting data and foot traffic analysis enable financial analysts to accurately gauge and access the important “conversion comp” and “traffic comp” numbers — with these numbers increasingly being considered more valuable than, and replacing, “sales comp” numbers as the “gold standard” in assessing the strength of a business.  

Energy management companies use people counting and foot traffic analysis to maximize HVAC efficiency and save money on heating and cooling buildings.

Click here to learn more about how ShopperTrak helps companies in the retail, mall, financial, and energy management industries to grow and operate more effectively.


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