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Weather Can Affect Retail Sales More Than You Think


weather, retail sales, people counting, people counterIn a story published in Retailing Today on August 6, ShopperTrak — the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis — reviewed U.S. retailing activity and numbers this summer and provided its forecast for this year’s  back-to-school shopping sales across the nation.     

This summer has been very hot — and ShopperTrak maintains that the heat affects foot traffic and retail sales.  Here is an excerpt from the Retailing Today story:

Many parts of the country saw extreme heat and record-breaking temperatures. To escape the humidity, consumers headed to stores and malls, which drove the year-over-year gain in foot traffic. With shoppers out of the house and in air-conditioned stores and malls, some retailers marketed back-to-school sales, while others advertised “Christmas in July” specials around July 25. These promotions drove foot traffic to stores.

Weather and temperature definitely have an impact on shopping behavior.

Of course, during terrible weather on- site retailing sales suffer.

Frigid cold hurts sales.  So does heavy snowfall — both when it is still falling and later when what has fallen is on the ground.

In this Washington Post story from November 2011, Dan Stillman writes about good and bad winter shopping weather in the eastern U.S.

ShopperTrak people counting technology is in place in, and the company analyzes foot traffic for, 45,000 locations across 74 countries — including some very hot and very dry, very cold and very snowy, and very wet, areas.

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