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ShopperTrak Named One of “Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago”


shoppertrak, digital, people counter, foot traffic, people countingShopperTrak — Based in Chicago — Provides its People Counting Technology and Foot Traffic Analysis to Companies Throughout the World

When we think about the big tech and digital centers of the U.S., it is natural that the places which pop up in our head are on the west and east coast, Silicon Valley and the Rte. 128 belt outside of Boston. You think of Austin, TX and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

Then there is Silicon Alley in New York City. There are other places that come to mind.

Yet, Chicago, which has a booming, healthy, busy, and highly profitable high tech and digital business community, may come to mind — but rarely is it top of mind. That is changing. 

Chicago is home to some of the biggest names in technology — including Groupon, Careerbuilder, Morningstar, Orbitz … and … yes … ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis.

ShopperTrak people counting and foot traffic devices are found in more  than 5,000 locations across 74 countries.

Other companies — including Google/Motorola, Razorfish,, and AOL  — are not not headquartered in the City of Broad Shoulders, but maintain big offices with large numbers of employees in the city.

ShopperTrak recently made the “The Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago” list — which is based on the number of employees in a company’s Chicago office, whether or not  the company had its main office here.

The list is researched and compiled by Built In Chicago, the online community that promotes and supports technology and digital entrepreneurship in the city.    Built in Chicago notes in commentary that accompanies the list that “A new digital startup launched every 48 hours in Chicago in 2011.”

Kelly Reid writes about the Chicago startup and business community for Forbes.

Click here to read his Forbes story on the Built in Chicago list and the  growing and vibrant Chicago technology/digital entrepreneurial scene.


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