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So What Does The Shopping Mall Look Like In 2013?


people counting, people counter, shopping, shopping malls, retailShopperTrak Cites A Prediction From Almost 10 Years Ago

Retail Traffic, the leading trade publication that focuses on retail real estate, is one of many media sources that frequently cites the data and analysis that ShopperTrak — the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis — produces.

Retail Traffic also interviews and quotes ShopperTrak management.

Of course, on the ShopperTrak end, our employees are regular readers of Retail Traffic.

ShopperTrak thought it would be of interest to take a look at an article, titled, “The Future,” Retail Traffic published on May 1, 2003, which is getting on now to almost 10 years ago.  This is significant in that the focus of the article was what retailing and the shopping mall would look like in a decade — yep, next year, 2013.

Click here to read the article.

A development that Retail Traffic predicted in the story is one that is surely here — and a phenomenon that is growing — and that of the mall which is less enclosed and more “open-air.”  As well, Retail Traffic accurately predicted that the mall would become more of a “lifestyle” destination place that combines retail, recreation areas, entertainment, and the hosting of leisure activities. 

What is certain is that the mall remains strong and thriving and an anchor of retail.

ShopperTrak people counting technology and foot traffic analysis continue to be pivotal to the growth and success of malls throughout the world. 

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