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For Many Shoppers, Nothing Beats The In-Store Experience


people counter, people counting, foot trafficAnd Shopping In-Store Can Save You Money — and Be More Convenient

ShopperTrak understands that for many people shopping is far more of an experience than choosing, comparing prices, filling in information, and then buying with a click.

Shopping always has been — and always will be — a tactile and sensory experience that involves being there in person, moving from aisle to aisle, and from store to store, and through galleries, and along walkways, and taking a break at an eatery — and then continuing.

As the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, ShopperTrak knows full well that malls and brick and mortar retailers are busy — and will always be busy.  People, being people, just need to get out there and shop in store.

Of course, shopping in store can also save you money.

There are savings to be realized year-round in making purchases in stores instead of online.

With this being the back-to-school selling season, ShopperTrak cites a PC Mag story, titled, “For Back-To-School, In-Store Shopping Cheaper Than Online Buys,”  written by Angela Moscaritolo that ran in the magazine on August 14.

“A new study from customer service rating firm StellaService found that while online shopping is quicker, brick-and-mortar stores are cheaper and more convenient,” writes Ms. Moscaritolo.

Click here to read the full PC Mag story

For sure, shopping in store is fun — it is about touch, smell, sight, hearing, trying on and trying out — and even saving money.

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We here at ACCL wholeheartedly agree that there is no substitute for the fix of a bit of retail therapy, looking and touching, browsing the different stores. We also think that the whole shopping experience can be improved and have recently become invoved with improving the fitting room experience. These days the shopper needs to have great treatment in the stores to entice them to buy. Poor staff attitude and shabby suspicious fitting rooms are offputting, even though the stores know that the chances of a sale are increased if a customer tries on in store. There is work to do to maintain footfall and entice shoppers into our fitting rooms and ultimately to the tills.
Posted @ Wednesday, September 12, 2012 3:05 AM by Wayne Connors
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