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Retailers Around the World Use People Counting to Manage and Schedule Labor


people counting, people counter, foot trafficManaging and scheduling labor is the foundation of successful business. This business practice is extensively studied, written about, analyzed, modeled, calculated, and discussed in forums, meetings, and conferences.

If you don’t have this part of your business figured out and working efficiently — if you don’t have it optimized — then success is going to be difficult to achieve.

It is in the retail sector of commerce where managing and scheduling labor is as important, maybe more so, than any other sector.

And it is in this area where ShopperTrak and its people counting technology and foot traffic analysis provide premium value and competitive advantage.

On August 1, on the Apparel Magazine website, an article and study was published, titled, “Six Steps to Optimize Retail Labor,” that was written by Tammy Stern, ShopperTrak manager of clients services.

ShopperTrak reposted the article on its site.

Tammy’s article is smart, insightful, and provides targeted and useful strategy and tactics to help companies get their managing and scheduling of retail labor right.

More than 400 companies that hold the world’s most respected and established brands use ShopperTrak people counting technology and foot traffic analysis to optimize retail labor.   ShopperTrak technology is in place in more than 45,000 locations in across 74 countries.

Click here to read Tammy Stern’s article.


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