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ShopperTrak Retail Sales Projections for the Coming Holiday Season are Cited in Many Business News Stories

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September isn’t yet over and the holiday promotions and major retailers are already beginning to boost hiring to handle the busy sales season. More and more, year after year, we are seeing the Halloween merchandise – the costumes, scary props, and big bags of candy – sharing space with wintery holiday décor. 

Of course, the news is heavy with reports and projections on what we are looking at for holiday retails sales this year.   And when news outlets report on retail sales – no matter the time of year – they turn to ShopperTrak for its research, projections, and analysis.

ShopperTrak is the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis. 

ShopperTrak is also a publisher of highly valued business intelligence.

A foundation of the intelligence that ShopperTrak publishes is the data it receives from its 50,000 managed people counting and foot traffic devices across 74 countries. 

So what does ShopperTrak have to say about the 2012 holiday season?

In a Wall Street Journal story, dated September 12, Ann Zimmerman and Dana Mattioli reported that ShopperTrak “expects that sales in November and December will rise at a slower rate than a year ago—a 3% increase versus last year's 3.7% gain.”

Roughly translated – ShopperTrak expects a modest increase in holiday retail sales in 2012 over those recorded in 2011.

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