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ShopperTrak, World Leader In People Counting Unveils an Enhancement to its Managed Service


people counting, people counter, shoppertrak, ShopperTrak is always researching, innovating, developing, creating, and widening discussions with its clients and other companies in the retail industry.

ShopperTrak understands that for it to continue to hold and build on its position of industry leadership it must never rest, never be complacent, never stop learning – and it needs to maintain the energy and vibrancy of a groundbreaking startup.

And we remain busy delivering to our customers improved and more versatile applications that greatly assist them to win in the marketplace through higher sales, higher profits, and increased efficiencies.

On September 24, as reported that day in a News Blaze story, ShopperTrak “announced the beta release of a new counting system for retailers in North America and the United Kingdom. The system builds on the company's existing Managed Service people counting solution by adding wireless location technology from WirelessWERX(TM).”

Here is another excerpt from the story:

The enhanced Managed Service offering will enable retailers to make better decisions based on anonymized foot-traffic numbers and conversion rates at the store, within individual departments and in front of product displays. 

"Our customers want more traffic-based insights into what is happening within the store, and our new interior counting system provides just that," said ShopperTrak Chief Marketing Officer Ed Marcheselli. "Store managers at retail establishments of all sizes can define their in-store counting zones for a more precise understanding of shopper engagement and conversion."

Stay tuned for even more exciting innovation from ShopperTrak.

Click here to learn more about this new enhancement to the ShopperTrak counting system.


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