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Airports Are Big Retail Sales Environments


people counting, people counter, airports, retail, sales, ShopperTrakShopperTrak — the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis — helps retailers all over the world, and in many different types of retailing environments, operate more effectively and increase revenue and profits.  

Our managed people counting devices are found in more than 50,000 locations across 74 countries.   

Anyone who does any amount of traveling knows that airports are vibrant in retail activity.

There are extraordinary retail growth opportunities in this sector.  

And ShopperTrak recognizes the exceptional opportunity for retailers in airports to take advantage of people counting technology and foot traffic analysis to increase sales and profits.  

There is a monthly print and online magazine called Airport Revenue News, the primary focus of which is non-aviation airport industry revenue.  This focus includes — and this is taken from the magazine’s descriptor — “trends, strategies, noteworthy developments, emerging opportunities and legislative updates … as well as the businesses that operate within them.”

Airport Revenue News (AVR) devotes considerable attention to retail business.

ShopperTrak is always following, reviewing, reading, and growing its intelligence on every aspect and area of retailing.  AVR is a highly valuable resource for learning about and staying current and smart about what it is going on in airport retail.  

As well, of course, ShopperTrak, like AVR, reports on, researches, and analyzes retail.   Our people counting and foot traffic data serves as a foundation for much of the reports, white papers, and strategy documents we produce.

Some of the world’s top media outlets cite and refer to business intelligence that ShopperTrak distributes.

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