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People Counting, Holiday Shopping And The Presidential Election


people counting, people counter, holiday, retail, salesProjections are Positive Overall for Holiday Retail Sales — with Perhaps a Brief Lull Caused By the Big Political Lead Up to November 6

It seems that from many business media and analyst outlets, including from ShopperTrak, we are hearing and seeing a forecast of a modest increase in 2012 holiday retail sales over last year’s retail sales for the same period.   

ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, is also a prolific producer of up-to-date business intelligence that is highly valued and often cited by the leading business news organizations around the globe.  

Interestingly, ShopperTrak says that the run up to the presidential election will have an effect on consumer buying.  

Here is an excerpt from an Oct. 2 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, in which the newspaper’s business reporter, Teresa F. Lindeman, refers to ShopperTrak projections on that election impact as well as specifics on the percentage increase in shopper activity ShopperTrak is predicting for the holiday season:

ShopperTrak, a Chicago company that analyzes the number of people going through shopping centers, said retailers should expect a lull before the election, as political ads dominate TV, radio and other marketing venues. The company said shopping activity fell 6.3 percent the week before the 2008 presidential election.

But after hitting polling places, people return to retail spaces, and the company believes there will be chances to show off the hottest electronics and newest sweaters in front of more people this year. ShopperTrak is projecting foot traffic at shopping centers will be up 2.8 percent, after a 2.2 percent drop last year.

Already there is foot traffic to the polls (in the form of early voters), with the main foot traffic taking place on the first Tuesday of next month.  

Maybe that energy and activity will be followed with a considerable uptick in retail sales foot traffic as well.  

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