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More Interesting People Counting News About Airports As Busy Retail Sales Environments


people counting, airport, people counter, retail countersIn this recent blog post, we discussed how retail stores within airports are thriving, and also referred to Airport Revenue News, a highly respected business publication which has a focus of reporting on and analyzing retail and other non-aviation business in airports.

With more than 50,000 managed people counting devices across 73 countries, ShopperTrak knows global retail sales and commerce, and it believes that that busy worldwide airport retail sector holds potential for growth.   

With an eye on and interest in the continued success of airport retail sales, and with our business and operations in Europe rapidly expanding, ShopperTrak read with agreement and encouragement this news alert, which discussed the findings of a recently released report, Research and Markets: Airport Retail Trends of Business Travelers in Europe, 2012-2013, produced by Canadean, the leading consumer research and analysis company.  

Here is an an excerpt from the news alert:

According to the Canadean survey, a total of 52% and 68% of business travelers shopped at duty-free and duty paid shops respectively ‘3 times or less’ in the last six months. 

The average time spent by a respondent from Europe at duty-free airport retail outlets is ‘23 min’, while the time spent at duty paid airport retail outlets is recorded at ‘19 minutes’ per visit in 2012. In the last six months, the average European respondent’s contribution towards shopping at airport retail stores is identified at 7% of their overall shopping volumes. 

Overall, European travelers declared that 46% of their purchases at duty-free airport retail stores were ‘preplanned’, while 54% of purchases were ‘impulsive’ in the last six months. In total, 56% of their overall purchases made at duty paid airport retail outlets turned out to be ‘impulsive’, whereas the remaining 44% constituted ‘pre planned’ purchases in 2012.

Retails sales within airports are doing well – and have an exciting future.  

People counting technology and foot traffic analysis are important to optimizing the success of this future.  

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