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People Counter ShopperTrak is on a Roll, and it is Focused on Maintaining the Momentum


shoppertrak, people counter, people countingThis is a busy and successful time for ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis – and only partly because the holiday shopping season is ramping up.

Earlier this month, we acquired ReTel Technologies, a leading Silicon Valley company that produces advanced video auditing and shopper analysis solutions; our revenue has increased in double digits over the past three years, and we forecast it will do so again next year; we are rapidly adding employees in our offices throughout the world; and in the spring we are moving our global headquarters to the Willis Tower in Chicago, the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere.

You may remain confident that ShopperTrak will never be satisfied with our success – and that we will remain passionately committed to hard work, innovation, and improving the value and competitive advantage we deliver to our clients.

Today we have 50,000 managed people counting and foot traffic devices operating across 74 countries.  We are fully confident those numbers will grow – fast.

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