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People Counting Company ShopperTrak Is About Smart Use Of Technology


describe the imageFundamental to the success that ShopperTrak has had as the world leader in people counting and foot traffic technology is that we stay ahead of changes in shopping and retail, and we devote considerable resources and smart analysis to looking at the future of buying and selling. 

We are always thinking of what is coming next – tomorrow and many tomorrows into the future.

Our customers know that a foundation of business success is technology. They know that more than just buying the right and best technology – which means that the technology works cooperatively with other technologies they are using – that that technology must be properly deployed, installed, and maintained. 

As well, in the case of technology that records and delivers business intelligence, retailers need to know how to read and understand that intelligence, and then put the numbers and other data to work to increase efficiencies and improve sales and profits.

Retailers are best served when they work with a technology company that is a true partner and which is constantly involved with them – and which is constantly working to grow and enhance the value it provides the retailer.

Described above is the relationship that ShopperTrak establishes with our customers. Beyond technology, we offer our customers a complete system of applications, reports, developer tools, advice and consultation, and workshops and meetings.

A vitally important element to ShopperTrak helping its customers is that our management and sales staff limits their time in the office and are out in the field working directly with customers.  The more we learn about and understand the business of our customers the better we can design and implement a technology system that works for them.

ShopperTrak is gratified that we have 50,000 managed people counting devices in place across 74 countries. We are even more gratified that we support and work with our customers in a way that enables them to realize optimum competitive advantage from the technology.

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