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ShopperTrak Adds New Geographies to the Traffic Report and Increases Delivery Options


people counting, people counter, traffic, retail, sales, shoppertrakRetailers rely on ShopperTrak’s Traffic Report as the “gold-standard” benchmark to compare their traffic performance against the competition. The Traffic Report provides critical contextual data for evaluating retail performance. Understanding whether a retailer is getting their fair share of available traffic at a national, regional, market or local level provides an additional insight to help them tailor their efforts towards the greatest sales opportunity.

This week, ShopperTrak announced the addition of 8 new markets and 27 new shopping areas to the Traffic Report. By increasing local coverage, ShopperTrak has made a critical tool even more valuable.  Subscribers will now have access to information on shopping areas in Austin, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Milwaukee and San Antonio.

Additionally, clients can now integrate ShopperTrak Traffic Report analytics into their own custom device, point-of-sale, and web-based applications via the Traffic Report API. This new API provides easy, programmatic access to Traffic Report data allowing customers to build their own custom reports and applications. Users can also combine Traffic Report analytics with data from workforce management and POS solutions to facilitate more informed decision-making. Clients who currently subscribe to the Traffic Report can gain access to the Traffic Report API at no additional cost. 

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