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People Counting Data is More Important than Ever for Brick & Mortar Retailers


people counting, people counter, retail, sales, shoppertrakThere is that major narrative and reality out there in business circles, and among retail sellers and buyers, about how online retailers represent a major competitive threat to traditional brick and mortar retailers.  Well, of course, that is true.  That threat has been building.

It is also true that competitive threats, when responded to aggressively, intelligently, with the right resources, with precision, and with focus, can result in the threatened emerging stronger and better able to operate and produce and deliver value.

That is what is happening in the dynamic of brick and mortar retailers countering and responding to the growth of online retail.

And, the world over, fundamental to traditional retailers and other businesses successfully countering and responding to cyber retailer encroachment on their enterprise, is in store retailers using ShopperTrak people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, and the extended and complete system of tools and consulting and advisory resources that ShopperTrak provides its clients. 

Indeed, ShopperTrak is the world leader in people counting and foot traffic analysis. Nearly 400 global brands, regional retailers, mall owners and financial institutions rely on ShopperTrak services every day. Approximately 50,000 ShopperTrak managed people counting and foot traffic devices are in operation across 74 countries.

ShopperTrak is a teammate of brick and mortar retailers in taking on the competition.

Among the many elements of high level value and competitive advantage that retailers gain in using ShopperTrak technology and working with ShopperTrak to derive the most value from that technology, is an ability to better accomplish the following: 

  • Calculate total sales opportunity and conversion rate
  • Evaluate shopper movement throughout the store and how it is connected to purchases of specific products
  • Analyze how the movement of shoppers through the store changes on different days, times during the day, and time of the year
  • Compare store performance locally, regionally, nationally, or to the global market
  • Determine marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Improve labor scheduling efficiency

ShopperTrak is always developing better technology and resources, and improving those we have in place, to optimize the benefits we deliver to our clients.

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