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The World’s Largest Shopping & Retail Destination – Dubai’s “Mall of the World”


There's A Reason That People Counting Company ShopperTrak Bases Its Middle East Office In Dubai

ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting and foot traffic technology, is growing fast.  We are rapidly adding clients and hiring.    More than 50,000 of our managed devices are in operation across 74 countries. Those numbers will rise quickly.

Our six offices around the globe are busy. As for those offices, our corporate headquarters are in Chicago, and we also have offices in London, Tokyo, Dubai, Berlin, Shenzhen (China), and Limonest (France).

Locating our Middle East office in the city-state of Dubai was the right choice.  Indeed, Dubai has an energy and culture of growing and getting bigger and better across almost all business sectors.  It has one of the most thriving tourism, shopping, and hospitality economies on earth.

For sure, Dubai took a hard hit during the recent global recession, with its real estate construction bubble bursting – but it got back on track.   We knew it would.

So we are highly encouraged – though not highly surprised – that Dubai has planned the world's largest mall, and along with it a giant size park.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, made the announcement last week of the epic development project which will create a “new city within Dubai.” The metropolis within a metropolis will be named “Mohammed bin Rashid City.” 

Citing an official Dubai government news release, the Daily News reported, 'The Mall of the World' will have a capacity of 80 million visitors a year to become the “largest in the world,” said the statement, while its park will be 30 percent bigger than Hyde Park of London.” 

So, it seems that the Mall of the World will eclipse in size another Dubai retail shopping complex – the Dubai Mall website proclaims to be the “world's largest shopping and retail destination.”

Click here to read the full Daily News story on Mohammed bin Rashid City.

Of course, ShopperTrak loves malls – places where people shop, and where owners and managers of the places people shop rely on our people counting technology and foot traffic analysis to help them better serve customers and increase sales and profits.

Click here to learn more about ShopperTrak's people counting system!


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