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shoppertrak, ebook, business analyticsWith this Latest eBook, ShopperTrak – the World Leader in People Counting Technology and Foot Traffic Analysis – Continues Its Online Publishing of Business Advice and Analysis that Provides Companies with High Level Value and Competitive Advantage

ShopperTrak is the world leader in people counting technology and foot traffic analysis. There is a reason that the world's most successful companies – which hold some of the best known and most respected brands on the planet – use our technology and services.

Indeed, more than 50,000 ShopperTrak managed devices are in operation across 74 countries.

But, of course – and this fundamental to our business, and it is also a mantra we often pitch – is that the larger value we deliver goes far beyond our people counting and foot traffic data, but rather in providing our clients with a holistic suite of technology, advice, consultation, and business intelligence. To that end, ShopperTrak personnel are always studying and brainstorming and thinking of better and smarter ways to help our clients improve sales, performance, and profits.

In the area of business intelligence and business strategy, ShopperTrak produces various types of media and resources, including our popular eBooks. Earlier this month, ShopperTrak released the eBook, Empowering Retail Intelligence Through Business Analytics: The Context for Measuring Retail Performance.

Written by Shana Lussenhop, our very smart and strategic thinking Product Manager, among the lessons found in the eBook are the following:

  • How to connect various sales and foot traffic data points – and how to look at this connection of data points and make sense of them in a way that will enable you to increase sales and profits
  • Why only looking at same-store sales data is incomplete analysis
  • How to put a value on and interpret store traffic
  • How traffic context enriches the retail health picture
  • How to use Business Analytics to measure retail health

This eBook is an interesting and valuable read.  

Click here to download Empowering Retail Intelligence Through Business Analytics!


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