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Use Gift Cards Sooner Than Later


shoppertrak, people counting, gift cards, holiday, sales, retailShopperTrak is in the business of helping retailers increase sales and improve profits.

We provide retail business the world over with the people counting technology and foot traffic analysis that empowers and improves their operations. Indeed, our managed people counting and foot traffic devices are in more than 50,000 locations across 75 countries.

And, to the end of increasing retail sales, ShopperTrak strongly advises that consumers go out and use those gift cards you received during the holidays (or those you received anytime for that matter).

Because, let's face it, the longer you hold on to the card the more likely it is you will misplace and never find it.

As well, gift cards can lose value if you hang on to them – and even if you are able to reclaim the given value of a lost card there might be a fee attached to doing so. Then there are companies that go out of business – and if you hold a card for one of those then you are out of luck.

Bill McGinty, an award-winning consumer reporter for WCNC TV 36 (the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, NC), reported on these and other gift card conditions in a story (which can be found here), titled, Don't waste your gift card; Billions go unused,” that ran back in mid December.

Among the interesting and helpful information and data that Mr. McGinty provides in the piece is that in “2009, $5 billion worth of gift cards went unused and it’s now estimated that Wal-Mart has roughly $1 billion worth of unused gift cards in circulation… ”

There is a lesson here. Use those gift cards. You will be doing yourself a favor – and stimulating the economy.

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