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Retail Analytics are More Important Than Ever


shoppertrak, people counting, people counter, retail analyticsWhy Retailers Need to Be “High Touch” in Order to Improve Sales and Profits 

ShopperTrak, the world leader in people counting technology and retail analytics, provides retailers with the business intelligence and analytics that enable them to better serve customers, build customer loyalty, and increase sales and profits.

ShopperTrak people counting and foot traffic devices are in more than 60,000 locations across 75 countries.

A story in Inc. magazine earlier this month focused on the importance of retail analytics.  The article, titled, “Are You a Low-Touch Retailer in a High-Touch World,” describes how analytics enable retailers to best allocate, schedule, and assign workers.

“High-touch” is the term for the shopping experience in which a premium is placed on consumers having skilled and knowledgeable sales people readily available to them.  Examples of high-touch retail businesses are consumer electronics, fashion, and cars.

An example of a “low-touch” retail business would be a supermarket.

When people are shopping for a computer or a car, they are far more inclined to want questions on the product answered than when shopping for yogurt, juice, or chicken.

Click here to read the Inc. story.

ShopperTrak technology and analytics rely upon by high-touch retail companies to provide them a cost-effective way to manage staff. Improved staffing results in a more satisfied customer, and a stronger business. 

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