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The Top Ten Reasons to Implement a People Counting System in 2013


people counting, shoppertrak, retail analytics, people counterSo did you make a New Year’s resolution to work smarter and be more profitable? Now that we are more than a month into 2013, how’s that going? Implementing a people counting system could help you to identify where there is a hidden opportunity in each store as well as across your chain.

The following are the top ten most common benefits retailers find when they implement a people counting system:

  1. Discover where existing sales opportunities exist
  2. Measure a store’s performance against its potential
  3. Optimize staffing to traffic
  4. Compare your store performance against your local shopping area and against your competition
  5. Monitor the effect of marketing tactics on store traffic
  6. Develop organizational KPIs and measure against them
  7. Improve profitability
  8. Identify opportunities for enhanced sales training
  9. Determine if merchandising changes attract more shoppers
  10. Correlate compensation to improved conversion performance

All the above are very achievable outcomes from implementing a people counting system.  ShopperTrak, the global leader in people counting, offers the only complete solution for retailers to measure and implement foot traffic counting within their stores – no matter where they are located around the world.  ShopperTrak’s Managed Service provides a holistic view of how a store is performing while minimizing the retailer’s total cost of ownership. Only ShopperTrak has the capability to benchmark your performance against the broader market.

We’re happy to help you learn how you can quickly and cost-effectively bring the benefits of people counting to your organization.

To learn more about people counting and what makes a complete solution, check out our eBook, “The Sum of Success!"


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