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The Benefits Of Hosted Traffic Counting


networking resized 600Along with sales data, perimeter traffic counts are among the most important data points a retailer can collect. Combining the two together allows a retailer to understand conversion rates, which can then be used to optimize marketing, merchandising and operations decisions to impact store performance.

That's why it is essential to ensure that every traffic counter in every store is consistently capturing accurate traffic data. Anything less than that, and the key metric of conversion will no longer be accurate. As a result, bad business decisions can be made that can end up as extremely costly mistakes.

Why A Managed Service Matters For People Counting

ShopperTrak has deliberately chosen to offer its services exclusively as a hosted offering. In fact, our Managed Service is delivered in much the same way as any other hosted SAAS offering. There are a number of benefits to this model, which we'll explain below.

  • The Latest Updates Instantly: With a hosted service, you are always ensured that your version is always the latest available. This includes any managed devices that are part of the service as well. With a self-hosted setup, it is incumbent on the IT department to download and deploy software and firmware updates across their network of software and devices.

  • Reduced IT Burden: As we noted above, it is IT's responsibility to ensure that software and devices are always kept up to date. But the responsibility doesn't end there. In a network of thousands of self-hosted traffic counters, there may be dozens or even hundreds of help tickets generated daily that the IT team must contend with. Without a dedicated support team that comes with a hosted service, the response time to tickets may result in a number of devices becoming inactive for long periods.

  • Increased System Accuracy: When a number of devices are not operational, or not operating correctly, the accuracy of data collected starts to deteriorate until you reach the point where it is difficult or dangerous to use. With a Managed Service such as that offered by ShopperTrak, your network of traffic counters is constantly monitored for uptime and accuracy, and problems are quickly resolved to ensure quality and consistency. This means that there is no question as to the validity of data.

  • Total Cost Of Ownership: While a self-hosted option may appear to be less expensive on the surface, the reality is that there are many hidden costs that some may not realize until after a purchase is made. First and foremost is the increased burden on in-house IT services. This may require the addition of extra resources to handle the additional load that comes with a self-hosted option. Second is maintenance contracts that often come with self-hosted software that must be purchased to ensure that software and firmware is always up to date. Third, and most damaging, are the potentially massive costs that might result from incorrect business decisions that are made based upon incorrect data from faulty traffic counters. 

When you are making a decision to deploy a Managed Service or a self-hosted traffic counting system, make sure that you are aware of the true impact of choosing the latter. ShopperTrak's inclusive Managed Service is designed to offer retailers a turn-key solution that delivers high accuracy, exceptional uptime and low burden on internal resources at a cost that compares favorably with any other type of solution.



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