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Using a People Counting Solution to Drive Comprehensive Insights


shoppertrak, people counting, people counter, people counting solutionFor nearly 20 years, ShopperTrak has been helping retailers gain a competitive edge through actionable insights related to in-store traffic and conversion.  Understanding traffic flows can help a retailer focus their efforts on converting more shoppers into buyers.  Even a small uptick in conversion can mean a significant increase in bottom-line profits.

When starting a people counting program, a retailer needs to identify what questions they want to answer.  How will they use the information – alone or with other data sources?  Who will be involved in rolling out the program across corporate as well as the field organization?  What will success look like once the program is implemented?

By offering the most complete people counting solution in the industry, ShopperTrak helps retailers answer many of the questions posed above.  Our comprehensive reporting allows retailers to get information needed when and where it can be the most beneficial.  For example, the ShopperTrak mobile app allows a field manager to assess all the stores in her territory so that she can prioritize her efforts on under-performing stores.  In another case, a marketing manager could log into our portal to view campaign reports to determine what impact the latest marketing tactics had on traffic.  Getting early feedback on the impact of marketing efforts can help the marketing manager to make adjustments to maximize his marketing expenditures.

Comprehensive reporting is just one benefit of ShopperTrak’s Managed Service.  Putting the information to work for your organization is the real value of a people counting solution.  ShopperTrak offers a team of experts to guide you through the process from implementation to action.  Training, best practice programs, users group conferences and regular account reviews help to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your system.

To learn more about ShopperTrak’s Managed Service and how our complete solutions provides you with the insights you need to recognize your opportunities and improve your bottom line, please read our new eBook, "The Sum of Success."


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