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ShopperTrak Presents A Webinar On Video Analytics For Retail Environments


people counting, webinar, video, analyticsDelivering the Webinar is Adam Rodnitzky, Director of Product Marketing for ShopperTrak

Back at the end of October, ShopperTrak acquired ReTel Technologies Inc., the Silicon Valley based developer of video auditing and shopper analysis solutions.

Here is a link to the ShopperTrak press release that announced the acquisition.

ShopperTrak, the world leader people counting technology and foot traffic analysis, is always looking and planning and innovating so that our clients can improve their sales, operations, and profits.

Now, integrated into ShopperTrak core technology, the video auditing and shopper analysis that ReTel created provides retailers advanced and valuable insight into customer demographics, and how to bolster speed and quality of customer service and sales process efficiency.

When ShopperTrak acquired ReTel Technogies, it was fortunate to be able to bring on board as Director of Product Marketing, Adam Rodnitzky, co-founder of ReTel and a renowned entrepreneur and marketing strategist who has a track record of high-level success across several technology enterprises and ventures.

Of course, it was a given that when ShopperTrak recently went about producing a webinar on video analytics basics for retail environments, there was only one person who could present the webinar – and that was Mr. Rodnitzky.  So we made that happen.

Click here to be taken a page where you can join Mr. Rodnitzky in his discussion about video analytics.

ShopperTrak produces many forms of teaching and instruction, including webinars, ebooks, flash videos, online meetings, and user events.

This is just one more way we help retailers optimize performance.

Stay tuned for more exciting product and technology developments from ShopperTrak.


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